Bright’s Ferry

BRIGHT’S FERRY – A pleasant little seaside town with a few dark secrets to make things interesting.

Books 1& 2 now available together!

Bright's Ferry Bundle 1 and 2 Flat


Safe From the Dark 3 - MED Nursing a broken heart and a couple of bullet wounds, no-nonsense Evie Asher leaves her career with the NYPD to move into her grandmother’s old house in a small New England town in the middle of nowhere. She wants nothing more than a new start and a chance to forget the mistakes of the past and get her life back on track, minus the shootouts. Her plans are shattered when her new neighbor, the town’s hunky young mayor, starts receiving death threats from a dangerous stalker. Evie is unwillingly drawn back into a world of peril, and while her bruised heart tries to resist the out-of-control sparks that zing between them, she is forced to stay close to keep him safe as the stalking quickly turns to murder…

Colin Daniels has his hands full running Bright’s Ferry as their popular and busy young mayor. He doesn’t have time for stalkers or threats, much less a lovely gray-eyed cop with control issues who insists that the stalker is a member of the community, someone he knows and loves. When the situation takes a deadly turn, Colin finds that he has no choice but to give up some control himself and rely on Evie to protect him until they can unmask the killer. Passion sizzles between two stubborn hearts as they clash over the best way to handle a dangerous situation, but can they keep each other safe as the dark closes in?


Safe From the Fire - SMALLFirefighter Matt Harris has wanted edgy librarian Grace Mallow forever – there’s something about her purple hair and her sexy dark side that pushes all of his buttons, even if the rest of the town looks down on her.  Unfortunately, Matt’s memories of an abusive childhood have left him terrified of turning into a monster like his father.  He’s determined to find a gentle way to woo Grace, but he’s unprepared for the white-hot heat that burns when they finally come together.

Grace Mallow knows that no matter how badly she wants him, she doesn’t belong with a wholesome blond dreamboat like Matt, who would be horrified to learn that she wants to be sexually dominated.  But Matt is persistent, and Grace is having a hard time turning him down and keeping her emotional walls intact.  As the couple struggles to handle their passion for each other, an arsonist begins terrorizing Bright’s Ferry, and all signs point to Grace’s younger brother, a reformed firebug recently returned to town to make amends for his crimes.  Matt and Grace race to stop a madman, but can they find common ground and save each other and their town, or will passion and fire burn out of control and separate them forever?


Safe From the Storm

There’s a storm coming to Bright’s Ferry…

Sheriff Tony Arnetto has been going through the motions since his wife Nora disappeared in a sailing accident five years ago, leaving behind a mysterious inheritance, a shadowy ex-husband, and a pile of questions that make Tony wonder if he even knew the beautiful redhead at all.  When she shows up in Bright’s  Ferry, alive and desperate for his help, Tony finds his world turned upside down.  Torn between love and anger, he struggles to deal with her sudden reappearance in his life, even as the town braces for the storm of the century.

Nora Allen’s past is catching up to her.  Unable to outrun her vicious and manipulative first husband any longer, she’s been forced back to Bright’s Ferry to get Tony to sign over her fortune and hopefully convince the evil Steffen Decelles to leave her in peace at last.  To start over.  However, Nora doesn’t count on Steffen’s desire for revenge or Tony’s stubborn resentment despite the electricity that still sparks whenever Nora comes close to her sexy sheriff.  With the water rising and passion spinning them out of control, Nora and Tony face off against a madman and each other, forced to accept their past if they have any chance of a future.

Safe From the WildSAFE FROM THE WILD




6 thoughts on “Bright’s Ferry”

  1. When is this book coming out? I just finished book 1 and was pleasantly surprised with how well the book was written. There was suspense and romance. Wow! I can’t wait to read another one of your books. By the way I probably wouldn’t have stumbled upon this book if it wasn’t on Thank you.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’m pushing to have Matt and Grace’s book available this coming Friday, and Book #3 will come out in May or June. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Jean Henson said:

    Can you tell me when Safe From the Storm is coming out? and if there is a way I can be notified when it is available?

    • Yes! I will add you to the notification list. I am hoping (HOPING) to have it out later this month, early Oct at the latest – life and paycheck work intrude, grrr… There will definitely be new excerpts from it starting next week, so keep checking back!

  3. When do you think these will be coming out?

    • Hi! I’m running behind! Ugh, holiday season already. I’m hoping for the Bewitch Me collection next week, Kringle Boys 2 right after Thanksgiving, and Safe From the Storm somewhere in between 🙂

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