A collection of sizzling stories about five different couples at the very beginning of their relationships. Watch the sparks fly as they come together with passion, laughter, and a few naughty surprises! The collection includes brand new stories BIRTHDAY SUITS and A TOUCH OF LACEY, as well as HOT FOR JOE, BUILD ME UP, and POUR ON THE HEAT, previously published as single titles.

HOT FOR JOE – In order to keep cash-strapped waitress Sarah Riley out of trouble, her hot boss Joe offers a trade – a night of passion in return for the gold watch she was planning to steal.

BUILD ME UP – Sex-starved Kelly Lowell finds the right man for the job when she gets tangled up with sexy new neighbor, construction worker Grant Black, who can fix anything with the right tools.

BIRTHDAY SUITS – Unwilling to let her boss shuffle her halfway around the world to avoid dealing with the chemistry between them, Maddie Salinger sets out to conquer Alec D’Amato using her wits, a carefully planned seduction, and a versatile piece of birthday cake.

POUR ON THE HEAT – College professor Jill Langer lets go of her inhibitions to get steamy in the locker room with Coach Everett when he coaxes her to explore her submissive side.

A TOUCH OF LACEY – Lacey Marsh is determined to seduce Seth Conrad, her brother’s best friend. Unfortunately, he is just as determined to resist. Can he hold out when she sets out to use every trick in the book to drive him wild?


The Kringle Girls - SMALLHOLLY – It’s hard to be normal when you’re Santa’s daughter, but Holly is giving it her best shot, staying out of the family business and building a life for herself as a small town teacher. However, the elves and Mrs. Claus decide to help things along when Holly falls for David, the hot divorced father of one of her young students. When Santa “accidentally” leaves the little boy’s present behind, the family calls on Holly to deliver it herself, even if it means a midnight tangle with David and a chance to make all her naughty wishes come true.

IVY – Determined to keep Santa’s empire up with the times, Ivy is so busy managing the company’s newly formed External Relations department that she can’t even take time out for the Christmas Eve party. Which is all for the best, because Ivy has a secret. However, when Rafe, her sexy business partner, discovers the Kringle Girls’ odd susceptibility to mistletoe, he decides to use the magical plant to launch his seduction of the cool and reserved beauty. As the party rocks on around them, Rafe will use every sexy trick in the book to woo Santa’s daughter, and get her to admit that not only is she as head over heels for him as he is for her, but that they belong together, even after Christmas is over.

NOELLE – Competitive and outrageous, Noelle doesn’t always play well with others, and lives a life of relative solitude out on the remote ranch, tending Santa’s magical reindeer and their families throughout the year. She’d be the last to admit that she’s a little starved for human companionship, and now that Santa’s rescinded her magical ability to pop from place to place for a whole month – after the silliest little spat – she’s really all alone. Forced to make the trek up to the North Pole by conventional means, Noelle picks up Will, an emotionally damaged drifter. As they travel, they find that a little vulnerability and a lot of heat can equal explosive chemistry, but can they make it to the North Pole with their hearts intact?

MERRY – Santa’s baby, Merry is the youngest, and has spent most of her life being bowled over by her confident and determined older sisters. Too timid to leave the North Pole, she’s contented herself with a life as Toy Manager to the elves. However, sometimes a Kringle Girl needs a little more than elf companionship. Unfortunately, the only likely prospect is Ben, her father’s new handyman. He’s hot and sweet and he might be interested, but shy Merry can’t seem to string two words together when he looks at her with those steel blue eyes. Can she overcome her shyness to go after what she wants? Or will she let Ben slip through her fingers?


Bewitch Me - SMALLENSORCELLED – Beautiful PR witch Felicia Dawes would do anything for her impulsive younger sister, but when Fae openly challenges Gavin Harcourt, the oh-so-sexy and powerful Head of the Council, even Felicia knows that she’s gone too far. Desperate to save her little sister from banishment or worse, Felicia casts a love spell to stall the brooding warlock, but neither she nor Gavin are prepared for the consequences or the passion that flares between them. When the magical dust settles, Felicia and Gavin are forced to face reality again, but will Fae’s transgression ruin their happily ever after?

PASSION & PUMPKINS – Third grade teacher Cass Webster is having a hard enough time dealing with her newly awakened witchy powers, but how’s a witch supposed to keep a level head when one sexy smile from Tom Owens sends her senses and her magic into overdrive? When her attempt to save his award-winning pumpkins from disaster results in sparks, seduction, and a little magic, it’s up to Cass to set things to rights and convince a freaked-out Tom that falling for a witch may be the best Halloween treat of all!

THAT MAGIC TOUCH – Nursing a bruised ego and a slightly dented heart after her no-good ex-fiance cheated on her, Jane Fairhaven isn’t in the mood for a party, and would rather be anywhere other than catering a lavish corporate Halloween party for the Proctor law firm. It’s tough enough to accept the existence of monsters, witches, and magic, but even harder to accept that Wes Proctor, the hot lawyer she’s been crushing on, is actually a powerful warlock. When the party turns into a magical orgy, Jane finds herself trapped in a storage room with the blue-eyed hottie, who can’t seem to take her predicament seriously. Can Wes persuade Jane that all she needs is a little magic to spice up her life and let her see the future instead of dwelling on the past?

MY FAIR HEX – Half-pixie Lea Gillingham is totally ready to quit. She loves her job as assistant to the powerful Kirk Rhodes, but she’d throw it all away for one night of passion with the gorgeous but arrogant warlock. Unfortunately, Kirk has never been a one-woman warlock, and in any case, is completely oblivious. Determined to seduce her maddening boss at the Halloween Ball, Lea disguises herself as a succubus, sure that Kirk will never know the truth. But when Lea’s spell goes awry, Kirk starts to see his sexy assistant in a new light, and sets out to show her that he can change his ways and become a one-pixie man, no magic required.

BEWITCH ME – There goes the neighborhood. Trent Langley is furious when his building goes magical, and the added chaos from warlocks, elves, and half-trolls taking up residence in his posh condo is enough to drive a man crazy. If that weren’t enough, Trent is sure that the stunning witch across the hall has bewitched him – he can’t stop thinking about Isabella Fiero, though she denies any witchy meddling. Isabella can’t help her attraction to her hot new neighbor, and though she hasn’t cast any spells, she can’t rule out the possibility that her magic may be luring him to her. When Trent demands answers, he and Isabella need to figure out if their white-hot chemistry is a magical glitch, or just natural attraction, impossible to deny.


Bewitch Me MoreBAD CANDY- A single mom takes the neighborhood warlock to task for his poor Halloween spirit, but gets caught up in naughty magical fun with him and the sexy spirit creature he accidentally conjured up.

SUGAR & SPICE – When a feisty reporter tries to seduce her way into a VIP Halloween party, the warlock bouncer she’s been flirting with has finally had enough and decides it’s time to give in to temptation and teach them both a lesson about seduction.

THE MAGIC HOUR – A mortal’s attempt to seduce his sexy, workaholic witch boss is hampered by the re-appearance of her trollish (literally!) ex-boyfriend.

ALL HALLOW’S EVE – Upon realizing that his succubus ex-girlfriend has hidden herself away from the world after a trauma, a sorcerer tracks her down to convince her to give herself and them another chance.

THE GOOD STUFF – When Gail Martingale’s witchy attempt to conjure up a sex toy worthy of her sizzling fantasies about her gorgeous, mortal boss accidentally binds Finn Parker to her side, he’s pretty sure he’s not cut out to be a sex toy.  However, Fate may have other plans…


4 thoughts on “Collections”

  1. Loved, loved, loved both these collections!! Will definitely be re-reading them a lot. I wish there were more Kringle daughters!!

  2. WOW!!! I just read POUR ON THE HEAT. I have’nt read any of your work befor, but you can be sure I will be reading a lot more. You have a great tallent to share with your fans. It must be very heart warming. I read a LOT!!! So thank Amazon for lending me this story. Now I know where to go for realy hot reads, with a great story. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank YOU!!! What a lovely comment. 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed Pour On the Heat – it was one of my first and still one of my favorites! There’s a lot more to come, so stay tuned!

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