Hearts of Stone



In a ruthless bid for power, Erebus, the dangerous minor god of darkness decimates the magical world by stealing the youth of the ruling gods and reducing them to shadow, and then seeks to enslave humanity and take a lovely, married goddess to wife.  However, when the goddess Nephthys rejects him and the magical world refuses to acknowledge him as their new king, the enraged Erebus manipulates the witch Araven to create a spell to trap his enemies in stone for all eternity.

As Erebus’ power grows and human and magic-kind suffer, a remorseful Araven struggles to contain the damage and put an end to Erebus’ reign, trapping him in his own stone garden and hiding it away from the world.  For thousands of years, the vast statuary remains silent and hidden, until a curious young woman stumbles upon the doorway, and with the brush of her fingers, awakes a dormant Muse – passionate, vengeful, and surprisingly, very male…


Shadow of the Raven - SMALL

Araven is waiting to come into her true powers – for centuries the witch has catered to the magical world, trading minor spells and hexes for favors and staying off the capricious gods’ radar whenever possible.  When Erebus, a minor deity of darkness, asks for a spell to imprison his enemies, Araven hesitates – such a spell would require powerful magic.  She is tempted by his promise to increase her powers, but fears what Erebus will do to magic and humankind.

Torn, Araven turns to Cal, the Muse of epic song and poetry – a virile demigod with an unflinching sense of justice, but no interest in the needs of the lowly humans.  In fact, Cal’s only interest is his own idealistic philosophy, and in the seduction of the lovely witch in front of him.  Caught in the throes of passion, neither witch nor muse pay any attention when Araven’s traitorous shadow slips away, drawn by the powerful deity of darkness, ready to do his bidding and bring about a seismic shift in the magical world as they know it…


Ensnared - SMALL

Widow Mercy Field knows there’s something in the woods.  The villagers in her small colonial community whisper about wolf-like devils and abomination, and send groups of men into the dark to hunt the monsters.  But Mercy has other things to worry about – since her boorish husband’s death, the village has been pressing her to marry again, and Mercy can feel the noose tightening.  One night, as the villagers celebrate their latest wolf-hunt, Mercy stumbles upon a lone survivor in the woods – half man, half wolf – caught in a trap and snagged on a thorny briar patch.  Despite her fear, she decides to help the poor creature, unaware that Fate has stepped in to change their lives forever.

Shadrach knows his mate the moment her luscious scent tickles his nose, but can he accept a human woman from the village that slaughtered his people?  At her mercy, Shad can only let her care for him and wonder if this shy woman is the key to the revival of his pack, or a siren luring him to his doom.  Together, they must face their fears and learn to accept each other, even as the village’s horror and Shad’s loyalty to his kind threaten to tear them apart.


The Shattered Balance - SMALL

In a ruthless power grab gone wrong, Erebus, the minor god of darkness, decimates the magical world and traps his enemies in stone, only to be sucked into his own eternal prison by a cunning witch.  For thousands of years, the vast statuary remains silent and hidden, until timid grad student Mira Evans stumbles upon the doorway, and with the brush of her fingers, awakes the dark deity along with a dormant Muse – passionate, angry, and surprisingly, very male…

Cal, the Muse of epic song and poetry – a virile demigod with an unflinching sense of justice but no interest in lowly humans – awakens from his stone prison with rage in his heart, his inherent need to restore order and balance overpowered by his desire for a vengeance that could destroy them all.  The lovely grad student who freed him is a distraction, albeit a sexy, smart, and maddening distraction.  Cal has no time for the seduction of a shy mortal, no matter how lickable she might be.

Too bad Mira simply won’t leave him to his plans!  She sees the man behind the rage as the magical world rises again, and as they race to stop Erebus from enslaving humanity, Mira will have to find her courage, risking everything to keep Cal’s past from consuming him and show him that the sparks that fire between them can blaze a path to a bright future together.

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