The Kringles

The Kringle Girls - SMALL

The Kringle Girls aren’t naughty, but the night is young! Santa’s four daughters are all single this Christmas Eve, but holiday romance is about to catch up with them. Follow Holly, Ivy, Noelle, and Merry on the family’s most important night of the year, and see what happens when they each get tripped up by a little magical matchmaking. Sweet and sexy, it’s a night not to be missed!

Holly - SMALLESTHOLLY – It’s hard to be normal when you’re Santa’s daughter, but Holly Kringle is giving it her best shot, staying out of the family business and building a life for herself as a small town teacher. However, the elves and Mrs. Claus decide to help things along when Holly falls for David, the hot divorced father of one of her young students. When Santa “accidentally” leaves the little boy’s present behind, the family calls on Holly to deliver it herself, even if it means a midnight tangle with David that could turn their little spark of chemistry into Christmas fireworks.

David Brewster might be ready to start dating again, and can’t keep his eyes off his son Henry’s gorgeous teacher. She’s sweet and nice and smells like cinnamon, but everyone seems convinced that she’s Santa Claus’ daughter. David is sure it must be nonsense until Holly magically appears in his living room on Christmas Eve to deliver a present for Henry. Santa’s daughter or not, David is determined to convince Holly to give them a chance, even if he has to get incredibly naughty to make her wishes come true.


IVY – Ivy Kringle doesn’t have time for romance. The second of Santa’s daughters, she’s determined to keep Santa’s empire moving with the times. While the rest of the newly formed External Relations department is taking time out for a well-deserved office party, Ivy is still hard at work. Which is all for the best. The last thing she needs is to get caught under the mistletoe and reveal her family’s magical susceptibility to the holiday plant. This Christmas Eve, she’s going to play it cool, no matter badly she wants to heat things up with her sexy business partner, the tall and brooding Rafe Allen.

Rafe is dying to get his hands on Ivy, but worries that his need to take control might scare her off. When he discovers that mistletoe has the power to make a Kringle girl do anything he asks, he sets out to use the magical plant to seduce the cool and reserved beauty. As the party rocks on around them, Rafe will use every sexy trick in the book to get Ivy to admit that not only is she as head over heels for him as he is for her, but that they belong together, even when Christmas is over.

Noelle - SMALLNOELLE – Free-spirited and outrageous, Noelle Kringle doesn’t always play well with others, and lives a life of solitude out on a remote ranch, tending Santa’s magical reindeer and their families throughout the year. She’d be the last to admit that she’s a little starved for human companionship, and now that Santa’s rescinded her magical ability to pop from place to place for a whole month – after the silliest little argument – she’s really all alone. Forced to make the annual trek up to the North Pole by conventional means, Noelle runs into Will, an emotionally damaged drifter, hired by her mother to work the ranch. Fascinated by his quiet strength, she finds herself wondering if it’s time to leave her wild child ways behind.

Will has had all of his Christmas spirit stomped out of him by a vindictive ex wife and a ruthless ex-business partner. All he wants is a fresh start in a quiet place, far away from the world. When a chance at a new job throws him in the path of the flirtatious, aggressive young woman who claims to be Santa’s daughter, Will wants nothing to do with her, even if she is clever, whimsical, and hot enough to make his head spin. As they travel together, the two find that a little vulnerability and a lot of heat can equal explosive chemistry, but can they survive the harsh journey to the North Pole with their hearts intact?


MERRY – Santa’s baby, Merry is the youngest, and has spent most of her life being bowled over by her confident and determined older sisters. Too timid to leave the North Pole, she’s contented herself with a life as Toy Manager to the elves. However, sometimes a Kringle Girl needs a little more than elf companionship. Unfortunately, the only likely prospect is Ben, her father’s new handyman. He’s hot and sweet and he might be interested, but shy Merry can’t seem to string two words together when he looks at her with those steel blue eyes. Can she overcome her shyness to go after what she wants? Or will she let Ben slip through her fingers?




Nick - SMALLBah, humbug. Nick Kringle is having a rotten Christmas. A huge disappointment to his chilly, holiday-stomping father, Jack Frost, Nick’s punishment for his refusal to take on the family business is exile to the human world, no magic allowed. Luckily, his North Pole relatives take pity on him, letting him run Santa’s big city candy factory and store. But Nick never counted on having to deal with customers, elves, or Santa’s nitpicky Candy Manager, the lovely but tightly wound Phoebe Winters. He’s never had a sweet tooth before, but everything about her has his mouth watering for a taste, despite the fact that they come from different worlds.

Phoebe Winters is determined to be the best Candy Manager that Santa has ever had, even though it means controlling her magical sugar allergy and her impossible attraction to Nick Kringle. Santa’s nephew has no right to be so hot, especially when he seems to be as coldhearted as his chilly father. But when a dangerous saboteur puts Santa’s magical candy supply in jeopardy right before the holiday, Phoebe and Nick must work together to repair the damage and save Christmas. Can Phoebe melt the icy shell around Nick’s heart? Or will the cold sweep away any chance of holiday-ever-after?

3 thoughts on “The Kringles”

  1. Love the Kringle series, so fun. Just wondering when the new Kringle boy will be out? I seen something that reference Book 3 this winter but I have not seen anything of Book 2.

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