There’s been a lot of noise in Kelly Lowell’s house this week, but unfortunately none of it is coming from her bedroom! The construction work next door is driving Kelly out of her mind, and a series of potential boyfriends out of her life. All she wants is someone to have a little fun with, but when her latest suitor turns out to be a big mistake, she starts to get a little desperate. A girl’s ego can only take so much! She marches over to give her new neighbor a piece of her mind, but one look at all those yummy muscles and suddenly a little noise doesn’t seem like such a problem.

Workaholic Grant Black wonders what happened to his sex life. He’s got a new construction company, an unfinished house, and he hasn’t gotten laid in months. To make matters worse, his hot new neighbor only seems interested in yelling at him. However, when Grant catches her taking her sexual frustration into her own hands, he decides to take a chance and offer up his services. After all, he can fix anything, and he’s oh so good with the right tools…




 Professor Jill Langer is dying to get her hands on Coach Liam Everett, but she’s not sure if she wants to kiss him or wring his neck. He’s been avoiding her for weeks, but when one of the football players starts failing her class, Jill decides to corner Liam in the locker room one night after hours, vowing to fight her attraction to the obnoxious man. However, she doesn’t count on Liam being able to give as good as he gets, or the steamy seduction of a shower built for two…

Liam can’t help it if Jill Langer’s prickly exterior turns him on, but he knows that the brainy literature professor must want better than a lowly football coach. His preconceptions are shattered the day he discovers that the prim Ms. Langer has a love of steamy, hardcore erotica. When she corners him in the locker room one night, he sets out to prove to her that they may have more in common that she thinks, and that he might just be the man to bring all of her naughty fantasies to life.




 Waitress Sarah Riley has never broken a law in her life. When a financial jam has her considering the theft of a gold watch, she’s horrified to realize how low she’s sunk. However, there’s one thing Sarah wants more than money…her hot boss Joe.

Joe is not about to let her embark on a life of crime, and one night after closing, he decides to use every deliciously wicked form of persuasion he can think of to change her mind.

My Fair Hex - SMALLESTHalf-pixie Lea Gillingham loves her job as assistant to the powerful Kirk Rhodes, but if she had a choice between her job and a night of passion with the gorgeous but arrogant warlock, she’d take his hard body in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, Kirk has never been a one-woman warlock, and in any case, has never seen her as an object of desire, though she’s indispensable to him. As her feelings grow despite her best efforts to squelch them, Lea realizes that she can’t go on like this, but is determined to take one lasting memory of pleasure with her when she leaves. With a little help from her BFF and a handy spell, Lea disguises herself as a succubus, determined to seduce her maddening boss at the Halloween Ball, even if her disguise means he’ll never know the truth.

Kirk Rhodes is intrigued when a surprisingly shy little succubus approaches him at the Halloween Ball in search of a conquest for the night. He’s happy to oblige, but there’s something different about her. The evening takes a strange turn when he suddenly finds himself fantasizing about Lea, rather than the voluptuous sex goddess in his arms. It’s only when Lea’s spell starts to falter that fantasy and reality collide, and Kirk sets out to convince his sexy and skeptical assistant that he can change his ways and become a one-pixie man, no magic required.



Passion and Pumpkins - SMALL Just as third grade teacher Cass Webster has gotten used to being the only normal, sane member of a high-spirited family of witches and warlocks, her long dormant powers decide to kick in with a vengeance. When the whole boisterous clan departs for the annual Halloween reunion, Cass finally has a chance to get her new abilities under control. But how’s a witch supposed to keep a level head when one sexy smile from Tom Owens sends her senses and her magic into overdrive?

Tom Owens loves Halloween, giving out pumpkins from his prized pumpkin patch to the local kids and getting a chance to flirt with his beautiful but shy neighbor Cass. He knows there’s something different about her lately, but he can’t quite put his finger on it, puzzled by the strange things that seem to happen when he gets too close. Cass and Tom come together one October night when her attempt to save his award-winning gourds from disaster results in sparks, seduction, and a little pumpkin magic. It’s up to Cass to set things to rights and convince a freaked-out Tom that falling for a witch may be the best Halloween treat of all!




Playing Hooky - SMALLMiddle school science teacher Molly Callahan is rebelling. For the first time in years, she’s skipping the annual family reunion and taking a real vacation to a tropical island, far from the exhausting Callahan clan and her sister-in-law’s enthusiastic attempts to set her up with her brother, famed anthropologist and writer Jack Roman – totally hot, totally obnoxious, and totally out of her league. Sun, sand, and maybe a little steamy island fling. Molly doesn’t count on her sister-in-law’s epic scheming, however, and is completely unprepared to find herself sharing paradise with the man she flew thousands of miles to avoid.

Jack Roman isn’t on vacation. His stay on this remote tropical island is all research, but how is he supposed to get anything done when maddeningly sexy Molly Callahan shows up to distract him? Suddenly, his research seems less important than making sure that the only man on the island she seduces is him. Summer heats up for Molly and Jack, but is this the basis for a relationship in the real world, or just a hot tropical romance that will burn up when reality comes knocking?




Making the Grade - SMALLMath teacher Sadie Dunne’s summer is not off to a good start. Not only has she spent the entire school year getting pushed around by her rambunctious students, by their parents, and by her colleagues, who find it all too easy to take advantage of her generous heart, but instead of taking a relaxing vacation on a tropical beach somewhere, she’s stuck teaching summer school. To make matters worse, the AC in her classroom is broken and too-hot-for-his-own-good maintenance man Cooper Bell seems more interested in flirting with her than in fixing it. When her latest mistake of a relationship implodes, Sadie has had enough. For once, Sadie wants to be the one calling the shots – in her classes, in her life, and especially in the arms of the hunky handyman.

Cooper has never been great at reading women, and the mixed signals from the lovely Sadie have been driving him crazy! She may want him, but she never speaks up, and he worries that she’s out of his league. When an accident traps them in a supply closet together, Cooper sees an opportunity to convince her to give him a chance, even if it means letting her call the shots and revealing his deepest, darkest fantasy of submitting to a beautiful woman. A steamy tryst in a closet is one thing, but can Sadie and Cooper get past their self-doubt to teach each other how to be happy together?



A For Effort - SMALLCoach Josie Malloy is furious when new Head Swim Coach Adam Dupree starts messing with her plans to take her synchronized swimming team to greatness. It’s bad enough that the college barely considers her discipline a sport and her boss has it out for her, but now the sexy new coach is encroaching on her funding and forcing her to share the pool! To make matters worse, Josie can’t help the white hot attraction that steams up the room whenever they get close, but is she willing to risk her heart for a man who might mean the end of her career?

Adam Dupree knows that everyone is watching him – the pressure to turn the aquatics department into a world class program is immense, but he’d have no trouble handling it if weren’t for those pesky synchronized swimmers who insist on considering their activity a “sport,” and their maddeningly sexy coach. Adam is determined not to let them get in the way, a feat which seems impossible as the beautiful swim coach distracts him at every turn with her gorgeous body and fierce determination. However, when the sleazy Dean seems determined to destroy Josie’s life, Adam finds his loyalties torn – risk the career he’s worked so hard for, or risk losing Josie forever.

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