SAFE FROM THE DARK is finally out!

Phew. I feel like I’ve run a marathon with my fingers.

It’s been about a week now, but I still haven’t managed to go back and re-read it in one sitting – after all the edits, you get to a point where you just can’t bear to look at it. That’s when you just sit back and wait for reviews.

This month! This month is almost half over (wow), but it’s mainly a bridge between Halloween and Christmas, with a turkey in the middle. I decided not to dive into the Bright’s Ferry sequel for a few weeks – SAFE FROM THE FIRE will be out in February.

Instead, I’m writing some holiday romance for you! Four short magical tales that follow Santa’s daughters and their quest for romance, love, and a one-way ticket to the Naughty List with some seriously hot men. 

Keep an eye out for THE KRINGLE GIRLS series, right after Thanksgiving – at least a couple of them will be available as single titles, and there will be an overall collection as well.

Here’s to cold nights, hot reads, and plenty of holiday treats!