Ivy’s story is finally up!  It’s amazing how some stories come together so quickly, and some are like walking through cement.  This one was definitely the latter, and I have NO idea why.  That’s the way the Christmas cookie crumbles, I suppose. 🙂

Anyway, Ivy is here, and I hope you enjoy her!  She’s about to have a very naughty private office party with the very drool-worthy Rafe Allen, who I think should be under my tree on Christmas morning.  I’ve been good.  Honest!  Okay, maybe not…LOL…

IvyIvy Kringle doesn’t have time for romance.  The second of Santa’s daughters, she’s determined to keep Santa’s empire moving with the times.  While the rest of the newly formed External Relations department is taking time out for a well-deserved office party, Ivy is still hard at work.  Which is all for the best.  The last thing she needs is to get caught under the mistletoe and reveal her family’s magical susceptibility to the holiday plant.  This Christmas Eve, she’s going to play it cool, no matter badly she wants to heat things up with her sexy business partner, the tall and brooding Rafe Allen.

Rafe is dying to get his hands on Ivy, but worries that his need to take control might scare her off.  When he discovers that mistletoe has the power to make a Kringle girl do anything he asks, he sets out to use the magical plant to seduce the cool and reserved beauty.  As the party rocks on around them, Rafe will use every sexy trick in the book to get Ivy to admit that not only is she as head over heels for him as he is for her, but that they belong together, even when Christmas is over.