Noelle Kringle has always been naughty…but she may have met her match! Hope you enjoy Will and Noelle’s journey, available now on Amazon. Merry’s story will be available in The Kringle Girls collection available on Saturday.

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Noelle - SMALLFree-spirited and outrageous, Noelle Kringle doesn’t always play well with others, and lives a life of solitude out on a remote ranch, tending Santa’s magical reindeer and their families throughout the year. She’d be the last to admit that she’s a little starved for human companionship, and now that Santa’s rescinded her magical ability to pop from place to place for a whole month – after the silliest little argument – she’s really all alone. Forced to make the annual trek up to the North Pole by conventional means, Noelle picks up Will, an emotionally damaged drifter, in search of a job.  Fascinated by his quiet strength, she finds herself wondering if it’s time to leave her wild child ways behind.

Will has had all of his Christmas spirit stomped out of him by a vindictive ex-wife and a ruthless ex-business partner.  All he wants is a fresh start in a quiet place, far away from the world.  When magic and a scheming Mrs. Claus throw him in the path of the flirtatious, aggressive young woman who claims to be Santa’s daughter, Will wants nothing to do with her, even if she is clever, whimsical, and hot enough to make his head spin.  As they travel together, the two find that a little vulnerability and a lot of heat can equal explosive chemistry, but can they survive the harsh journey to the North Pole with their hearts intact?