Yes, I know I’m supposed to be recharging my brain to start 2013 with a bang, but I finally sat down to look over my poll results this morning – preferences for an ongoing blog serial to come out once a week here in delicious, bite-sized chunks.  The results were interesting – almost evenly split between romantic suspense and contemporary, with a few votes for a prologue to my paranormal Hearts of Stone series that starts up this spring.

What to do, what to do?

Well, it’s my blog and I can overdo it if I want to. 🙂 However, I think we’ll start with one, and then add another if there’s interest.  This morning I settled on a romantic suspense serial idea, and while I’m still working out the details, here’s the setup:


Ali Keats never thought she’d grow up to be a cat-burglar-for-hire for a ruthless and slightly crazy billionaire mobster.  However, life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan it, and suddenly Ali finds herself risking everything for the jewel-obsessed kingpin.  She’d get out if she didn’t have so much at stake, and if she weren’t falling, hard, for her villainous boss’ brooding, complicated right hand man.

Leo Santello has been gathering information on his boss for years, waiting for the right moment to bring his empire toppling to the ground.  However, beautiful Ali Keats is going to ruin everything, if she doesn’t get herself killed first.  Leo can’t resist the sparks that fly between himself and the fearless cat burglar, but can they build a life together?  Or is there no escape from the world of crime and violence they’ve become accustomed to?

A sexy, dangerous romp with plenty of pretty, shiny things to distract our heroine and her reluctant suitor!  Watch the sparks fly!