It’s Monday!  I was going to post a new excerpt from SAFE FROM THE FIRE, but decided that could wait a few days, since I’m feeling a little pulled in all directions this morning.

As a writer, one of my biggest problems has always been focus – just as I get enmeshed in one plot, fifteen others pop out of my brain and say, hey, over here!  Forcing myself to just work on the thing in front of me has always been the greatest challenge to my creative life.  At the same time, it’s comforting to know that once I finish one thing, there are plenty others waiting to step up!

As I was working on Matt & Grace this weekend, I had two other ideas that were interesting enough to be distracting, for a couple of reasons.  First of all, they were both period, which is odd for me – much as I LOVE reading historicals, writing them is another kettle of fish.  Secondly, they both burst out fully formed in a “here’s an idea and here are the first two books, go write!” kind of way.  Usually I just have snippets to go on and spend weeks anguishing as I pull the pieces together.  Since I’m pushing toward 500,000 words this year, what’s a couple more stories to add to the mix?

No titles yet, but take a look!

Regency – A recent widow from a less-than-satisfying marriage finds herself ostracized from high society when she decides to pursue a trade instead of marrying again.  Eager to experience everything she missed while trapped by her domineering husband, she decides to take a lover, only to discover that finding the right candidate is not as easy as it seems!  A chance referral to a clandestine matchmaking service offers hope – a guaranteed connection with an interested gentleman whose sexual and emotional needs parallel her own, no strings attached.  Our heroine’s perfect match is the last person she would have chosen, but turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to her.  Too bad they both said no strings, because things start to get quite tangled…

Victorian – Desperate for a job, the prim daughter of a disgraced scientist takes a job as a governess for the daughter of a rich recluse.  She’s not the greatest governess, but as it turns out, the child is not all that normal either.  Our heroine quickly becomes obsessed with her new employer, only to discover that he’s barely human himself – the leader of a magical clan recently returned to London, trying to make a place for himself and his unpredictable and occasionally dangerous family.  Sparks fly as our heroine tries to help her employer fit in, even as the family’s loose cannon threatens the lives and welfare of the entire city.

What do you think?  Some classic Regency romping with a few little twists, and a crazy Victorian monster-out-of water story.  Add a couple of strong women and a bunch of fun secondary characters that will eventually get their own books, along with some thrilling adventure, high stakes conflict, and plenty of shiverlicious hot sex that just screams off the page…hope you’ll have as much fun reading it as I know I’m going to have writing it!

On that note, I REALLY have to get back to Matt and Grace so that SAFE FROM THE FIRE actually has chapters behind that yummy cover. 🙂