Yes, I know I’m a tease.  I’m also a champion at being distracted by new projects!  SAFE FROM THE FIRE is chugging along nicely toward its Feb. 8th release date, so I took a little break to write about my upcoming HEARTS OF STONE series, which starts with a prequel to set the stage for a modern-day paranormal saga of monsters, ancient gods, and my own take on a bunch of gorgeous, tragically befuddled Muses.  Our magical heroes are going to wake up in a new world and have to deal with sassy modern women who aren’t about to put up with archaic, alpha male tendencies, no matter how drool-worthy our heroes seem to be…oh, and they’re all going to be a little busy saving the world, so there’s THAT. 🙂

Take a look at how it starts!  The prequel will go up after I recover from getting SAFE FROM THE FIRE all shiny and polished.