Success!  SAFE FROM THE FIRE is in the queue, which means now the waiting can begin.  I’ve had books that took two hours to review and publish, and books that took days.  Here’s hoping for the former…LOL…

Anyway, I will share it with the world as soon as the link comes my way, but if you’re dying for your copy, start checking around noon.

And now to have a drink and raise a toast to all the wonderful, brave firefighters out there who keep us safe and sadly, probably don’t have time for quite as much kinky sex as they do in Bright’s Ferry. 🙂




Firefighter Matt Harris has wanted edgy librarian Grace Mallow forever – there’s something about her purple hair and her sexy dark side that pushes all of his buttons, even if the rest of the town looks down on her.  Unfortunately, Matt’s memories of an abusive childhood have left him terrified of turning into a monster like his father.  He’s determined to find a gentle way to woo Grace, but he’s unprepared for the white-hot heat that burns when they finally come together.

Grace Mallow knows that no matter how badly she wants him, she doesn’t belong with a wholesome blond dreamboat like Matt, who would be horrified to learn that she wants to be sexually dominated.  But Matt is persistent, and Grace is having a hard time turning him down and keeping her emotional walls intact.  As the couple struggles to handle their passion for each other, an arsonist begins terrorizing Bright’s Ferry, and all signs point to Grace’s younger brother, a reformed firebug recently returned to town to make amends for his crimes.  Matt and Grace race to stop a madman, but can they find common ground and save each other and their town, or will passion and fire burn out of control and separate them forever?