I’m not quite at a point where I get to write full time, so I have to sneak in pages where I can.  Apologies that the blog has been silent for awhile.  Here’s the quick update!!!

MORE THAN A NIGHT – Is growing into novel size, believe it or not.  It was supposed to be a short little 25K novella, but Erin and Henry show no signs of slowing down…or keeping their hands off of each other!  Look for this one first – I am determined to get it out there by the end of the month.

SHADOW OF THE RAVEN – A bit of an overhaul on this one.  The language was feeling far too stuffy, so I spent last weekend reading piles of Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter (awesome stuff) and I’m ready to dive back in.  The main thing is that Cal needs to be Cal for both the prequel and his own upcoming book (A SHATTERED BALANCE, Aug. 2013)  Early June.

SAFE FROM THE STORM – BRIGHT’S FERRY #3 – Been spending a lot of time thinking about Tony and Nora.  Tony’s not difficult – he’s conflicted and relieved and furious and longing – who wouldn’t be to discover a long-dead spouse is actually not?  Nora is a little trickier.  Unlike Evie and Grace in the earlier books, I don’t want Nora to be hard-edged and defiant.  I’d like her to have a fragile, delicate thing going on, over a core of steel, so that she’s underestimated from the start.  It’s hellishly difficult to write – gentle and quiet and a little wounded can easily be misread as victim-y and weak, which is not the goal.  More on that later, but I’m aiming for a great book for your holiday read at the end of June.

SHINY THINGS – I know, I know, I know.  There are six chapters left, outlined, gathering dust.  And I have a pretty good idea lined up for PRECIOUS THINGS as soon as we’re done.  The problem is the day job, which has been sucking my life away for the last couple of months.  Here’s to more writing time to give Ali and Leo the third act they deserve!

Lots to do!  I need to hit 250,000 words by June 30th to be on track.  The ticker there on the side doesn’t reflect all my WIPs – I only update it when something gets released on Amazon, but watch for it to click up in the next few weeks.

Hot and steamy romantic fun in all sorts of genres coming up!  And now back to the drudgery for awhile.

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