What a lovely week I’m having!  The muses are behaving, Jane and I are getting lots of love for PLAYING HOOKY, and the pages are cranking.  I’m happy to announce we’re on StoryFindsX this week!  If you get a chance, stop by for an exclusive excerpt from PLAYING HOOKY, and help spread the word!


Playing Hooky - SMALL

In other news, I finally got the blurb together for SAFE FROM THE STORM:

Safe From the Storm

There’s a storm coming to Bright’s Ferry…

Sheriff Tony Arnetto has been going through the motions since his wife Nora disappeared in a sailing accident five years ago, leaving behind a mysterious inheritance, a shadowy ex-husband, and a pile of questions that make Tony wonder if he even knew the beautiful redhead at all.  When she shows up in Bright’s  Ferry, alive and desperate for his help, Tony finds his world turned upside down.  Torn between love and anger, he struggles to deal with her sudden reappearance in his life, even as the town braces for the storm of the century.

Nora Allen’s past is catching up to her.  Unable to outrun her vicious and manipulative first husband any longer, she’s been forced back to Bright’s Ferry to get Tony to sign over her fortune and hopefully convince the evil Steffen Decelles to leave her in peace at last.  To start over.  However, Nora doesn’t count on Steffen’s desire for revenge or Tony’s stubborn resentment despite the electricity that still sparks whenever Nora comes close to her sexy sheriff.  With the water rising and passion spinning them out of control, Nora and Tony face off against a madman and each other, forced to accept their past if they have any chance of a future.

What do you think?

I’m pretty happy with it for the moment – as I was working on it this evening, the heroes for Book #4 in the series tapped me on the shoulder.  I love it when they just announce themselves, and all of a sudden you have half the story worked out. More on that later.  All I’ll say is that it’s for the fall, the title is SAFE FROM THE WILD, and the two protags are going to require some serious survival skills…LOL…

Back to More Than A Night!  Getting close!