Good Morning!

On the bright side, SAFE FROM THE DARK downloaded nearly 5500 times this weekend, so Bright’s Ferry has a bunch of new residents!  Welcome!

On the not-so-bright side, I’m not quite done with MAKING THE GRADE, which kind of sucks since I have one of those weeks ahead.


Excerpt up soon.  MAKING THE GRADE into the queue as early this week as I can manage it.

This weekend (fingers crossed) MORE THAN A NIGHT will be ready and raring to go. And then next week I’m all about getting through the rest of SAFE FROM THE STORM.

July is going to be a blast – Bright’s Ferry, more TEACH ME TONIGHT, and finally getting you some hot paranormal action with the HEARTS OF STONE prequels – I have Araven almost ready to go, and my hot werewolf from ENSNARED is developing nicely.  Hoping to have new excerpts from that for you soon, too!

Anyway, check back tonight or tomorrow for a spicy MAKING THE GRADE excerpt, and stay tuned!