I think I’ll save the MAKING THE GRADE excerpt for either tonight or tomorrow.  However, here’s the cover for “A” FOR EFFORT (TEACH ME TONIGHT #3).  I may have to go for a swim later, mmmm…

A For Effort - SMALL

TEACH ME TONIGHT #2 and #3 will be out as single titles this month, and then all five stories will come together in the collection for next month.

In other updates:

MORE THAN A NIGHT is so close!  Just a few more passes with the red pen and I’m done.

BRIGHT’S FERRY – A few more weeks on SAFE FROM THE STORM, but I’ve got a great outline for SAFE FROM THE WILD (#4) done, so the town’s chaos level will stay right up there.  More on that coming up.

ENSNARED is coming together nicely.  I will try to have a new excerpt for you on that later in the week!

Stop by later/tomorrow for MAKING THE GRADE!