The second one is finally done – it’s short and sweet and hopefully hot enough to satisfy. 🙂  Take it to the beach to read with a mojito in hand and your toes in the sand.

Making the Grade - SMALL

There’s one more stand alone in the Teach Me Tonight series, but I really want to finish MORE THAN A NIGHT first – it’s close!  Summer feels like it’s starting to wind down, so I want to finish up these shorts, get More Than a Night up, and get back to Bright’s Ferry and Hearts of Stone, which both need serious attention.

And of course, my dearly supportive friends need to stop giving me new ideas.  Jane is the worst culprit – not only has she come up with a crazy steampunk highwayman setup, but she’s also pushing the most bizarre one-night stand scenario I’ve ever heard of – it’s interesting, but I have no idea if I can make the heroine likable, so we’ll see.

Anyway, the “To Write” list is getting out of hand.  How lovely. 🙂

Lots of good stories to come!