A few little updates!  The gremlins who interrupt my pages are still stomping on everything in sight, but I’m making some headway.

MORE THAN A NIGHT – Needs a few chapter rewrites – the middle part.

SAFE FROM THE STORM – Coming along, not as quickly as I would like, but the page count is growing!  Poor Tony and Nora – they’ve got a few things to work out.

TEACH ME TONIGHT – Stories #3, #4, and #5 are all outlined and ready to write.

HEARTS OF STONE – ENSNARED and SHADOW OF THE RAVEN.  Two epic mythologies trying to take each other out – what could go wrong?  Grrr…continuity…

Anyway, here’s a spicy little excerpt of KISS OF THE WILD WOLF, which for the moment is looking like a stand alone for next month, though that might change as the story unfolds.  Happy Monday!


All Nina O’Rourke wants is a baby, a child to bring joy to her husband in his final  days before he succumbs to a ravaging illness, and someone to love as she faces the future alone.  Everything about the plan is crazy – Nina’s not the kind of woman who picks up a gorgeous stranger for a night of incredible sex.  But she’s not about to turn away when tall, dark, and delicious Malcolm Trask appears on the side of the road, willing to give her anything and everything she craves.  After a night of intense passion, the likes of which she’s never known, Nina assumes they’ll never see each other again.  Soon after, she finds herself pregnant and widowed, at the mercy of greedy former in-laws, and her future seems more than a little uncertain.  Crossing paths with her hot one night stand is humiliating enough, but maybe he can explain these strange symptoms she’s having…

Billionaire CEO and wolf shifter Malcolm Trask has never been used for sex and dumped before, and the feeling isn’t pleasant.  When the pretty little human who rocked his world stumbles into his life again, he is shocked to find her pregnant and in distress.  Knowing that bringing her into the family will cause tension, not to mention a possible war with a neighboring pack, Malcolm is still determined to protect her and figure out a way to tell her that the baby she’s carrying is less than human.  She can’t be his, but can he find the strength to let her go before he loses his heart to her completely?


“If you toss me your wet clothes, I’ll see if I can get the management to toss them in the dryer for a few…”

She trailed off as the door opened and her half-assed plan abruptly deserted her along with every thought in her head other than oh yum.

What could she say, after all?  From the second the door opened, her earlier suspicion was confirmed – there wasn’t a woman in her right mind who wouldn’t give up vital organs to climb this stunning piece of manhood like a jungle gym.  Wearing those faded jeans and nothing else, everything about him was oh so right in a mouth-drying, pussy-clenching, please fuck me kind of way, and Nina stood frozen in the doorway, wallowing in the humiliating realization that he was completely out of her league but being completely unable to turn away.

All she could do was stare at the sculpted muscled chest dusted with dark hair and the hard ridged abs that led her eyes down, down to a narrow happy trail and an intriguingly thick bulge under well-worn denim. Steam filled the room behind him, caressing his broad shoulders the way she wanted to, and his eyes seemed to glow green fire as he stared at her, surprise and hunger in his gaze.  But he didn’t speak – wouldn’t speak, it seemed – waiting for her next move.

Must touch.

Wait, talk first.  Then touch.

Nina opened her mouth –

Something coherent would be nice.

Instead, all that emerged was a husky moan, and Malcolm took a sharp breath.  Nina watched in horrified fascination as her trembling fingers reached out, brushing the warm skin of his stomach that clenched under her touch, and undid the button of his jeans.

What are you doing?!?

That was as far as the self-recrimination got, because the next minute Malcolm hauled her close with a sound that could only be described as a growl and his mouth came down on hers, hot and possessive, hands gripping her waist, his tongue stroking and taking her in a way that made her bones melt as she plastered her eager body to his.  He tasted incredible, and all that mattered was getting as close as possible and feeling her breasts crush against his hard body while her hands gripped unyielding biceps.

Nina barely noticed when he lifted her onto the counter, but a yank had the clip in her hair loosening, and her heavy locks tumbled down around them as he stepped between her thighs, pulling her hips forward to snug her aching pussy up to his erection.

“Oh God,” Nina whimpered, her head falling back as Malcolm ground against her sensitive flesh.

He was big and hard and so hot against her, from the hands that learned her  curves to his chiseled torso to the firm press of an undeniably huge cock trapped behind the denim of his jeans.  Sex with Graham had been fun, and tender, and playful, but it had never been like this – this primal need to rub her skin against his, to drown in a wave of rough pleasure that only the potent male between her thighs could provide.

“You taste so good,” he murmured, licking her throat, and Nina felt every little stroke like a lash to her clit.

Malcolm kissed his way along her collarbone, tugging the straps of her dress down, and before Nina could do more than gasp, the clinging red fabric was around her waist, and Malcolm was unsnapping the front clasp of her bra with an ease that spoke of regular practice.

Of course.  He probably had hundreds of trampy women begging him to undress them, she realized, but the snarky thought vanished along with her bra, and strong, warm hands cupped her breasts, rolling her nipples to aching peaks.  Ignoring her choked cry, Malcolm nuzzled between the mounds, the scratch of stubble sending sensation skittering along Nina’s sensitized skin.

She wanted to tell him to slow down, that this was too much, too fast, but all that came out of her mouth was, “Please – don’t stop – ”