I can definitely feel the autumn plot bunnies hopping around, eager to stomp their cute little bunny feet all over a blank doc and get those stories out!  Here’s your beginning of the week excerpt – from KISS OF THE WILD WOLF (Coming Soon).  Next week, I’ll switch over to Tony and Nora excerpts from SAFE FROM THE STORM.

I’ve also decided that it’s time to get the rest of my backlist out in print – SAFE FROM THE DARK and HOT & SWEET both have print editions, but I’ve been slacking on the rest.  Would love to at least have the Bright’s Ferry books and the anthologies available in print as well.

Speaking of anthologies – I woke up this morning with little tendrils of ideas curling around my brain for Halloween.  I may have to pair PASSION & PUMPKINS and MY FAIR HEX with a few more stories and bundle them in a collection.

Assuming I get through the current WIPs…ahem…cough, cough…

Anyway, have a great short week and enjoy a little werewolf excerpt!  This is definitely a challenge – even though Nina’s got a rocky road ahead of her, her original plan is pretty horrific.  Making her willing to go through with it but sympathetic at the same time is tricky.  And of course, Malcolm shouldn’t be fooling around with a beautiful human either, so hopefully I’m balancing out their bad behavior…LOL…

Check back at the end of the week – will have  a surprise release for you!

Wolf - SMALL


All Nina O’Rourke wants is a baby, a child to bring joy to her husband in his final  days before he succumbs to a ravaging illness, and someone to love as she faces the future alone.  Everything about the plan is crazy – Nina’s not the kind of woman who picks up a gorgeous stranger for a night of incredible sex.  But she’s not about to turn away when tall, dark, and delicious Malcolm Trask appears on the side of the road, willing to give her anything and everything she craves.  After a night of intense passion, the likes of which she’s never known, Nina assumes they’ll never see each other again.  Soon after, she finds herself pregnant and widowed, at the mercy of greedy former in-laws, and her future seems more than a little uncertain.  Crossing paths with her hot one night stand is humiliating enough, but maybe he can explain these strange symptoms she’s having…

Billionaire CEO and wolf shifter Malcolm Trask has never been used for sex and dumped before, and the feeling isn’t pleasant.  When the pretty little human who rocked his world stumbles into his life again, he is shocked to find her pregnant and in distress.  Knowing that bringing her into the family will cause tension, not to mention a possible war with a neighboring pack, Malcolm is still determined to protect her and figure out a way to tell her that the baby she’s carrying is less than human.  She can’t be his, but can he find the strength to let her go before he loses his heart to her completely?


MALCOLM TOOK QUICK STOCK of the situation – the scent of Nina’s arousal was like a drug, wreathing his head in sweet roses and warm woman, but overlaying it was the sharp scent of fear…and sorrow?  Hoping his own arousal wasn’t too prominent, he forced a wry smile.

“You know, these circumstances aren’t great.  I should go…”

Nina hesitated, and then shook her head.

“Stay.  I don’t even know if you could find another room at this point – a lot of people taking shelter.  But maybe we could just…have dinner or something.”

Malcolm refrained from pointing out that with a snap of his fingers, he could have the best room in the building at his disposal.  He didn’t want her to think of him as a rich, seemingly eligible bachelor.  No, he wanted her to look at him like she did downstairs – like she was a hungry little she-wolf and he was a steak dinner.  Noting her tension now, it didn’t seem like that was going to happen.  Malcolm sighed to himself, ordering his whining wolf to shut up.

“Why don’t you take a shower and get warm, and I’ll order some food,” she suggested, hesitant.

Does she think I’m going to just jump her?  

“If you want to sleep, I can take off.  It’s no problem.”

“I don’t think I could sleep if I tried,” admitted Nina, and Malcolm noted the fine tremor that skated up her arm.

She was wound tight enough to snap, but for whatever reason, it didn’t look like Nina was going to give into the desire that was obviously coursing through her body.  If he’d been human, he might have missed it, but as a wolf, it was almost impossible to ignore the scent of her.  It called to his animal side as she stepped back, and for a moment, Malcolm felt dizzy, wrestling with his wolf’s desire to yank her close and try to change her mind.

A shower was a good idea.  All he needed was a few minutes to wrap a hand around his cock and think about the tight nipples that pressed through her bra and that mind-altering red dress. Nipples he was never going to get to taste.

We don’t take women who aren’t willing, Malcolm reminded his grumpy wolf, ignoring the beast’s feeling that the woman’s mouthwatering smell clearly indicated that she wanted him.

A wolf shifter’s relationship with his inner beast was an odd thing – together, but Malcolm often felt like he had a very dangerous pet trapped in his head, separate from his rational human side.  It took all of his strength and skill to keep the creature happy and prevent it from running wild, from losing control.  The wolf’s instinct was unerring, but since the humans they lived near often ignored what their instincts were telling them, Malcolm had spent his life reining in his powerful other half.

She’s human.

“Cheeseburger okay?” asked Nina, gathering her hair to wind up into a neat bun that she secured at the back of her head with a hair clip from the nightstand.

Malcolm had to clear his throat before he could answer.  Raising her arms lifted Nina’s breasts and exposed the lovely curve of her throat.  She kicked off the killer heels.

Shit, she’s so tiny.

A tiny, voluptuous piece of dynamite.

“Anything is fine,” he managed, “I’ll just be a minute.”

“Take your time.”

Hurriedly, Malcolm locked himself in the bathroom and turned on the shower before tearing his t-shirt off.  As he waited for the water to warm, he braced hands on the counter and willed his beast down – he could feel his canines lengthening, desperate to take.  In the mirror, his eyes glowed green fire, a sign of intense emotion or physical sensation.  His cock throbbed like a toothache.

“You’re going to shower, eat, play nice, and then get the hell out of here,” he told his reflection, “Before you’re completely fucked.”

Or not.

With a groan, Malcolm dropped to thump his head against the counter a few times.

It didn’t help.