What do you think?

It’s finally starting to feel like fall around here, though I don’t want to jinx it – it’ll probably spike to the 90s this weekend just to spite me. 🙂  Meanwhile, the week is progressing nicely.  In editing MORE THAN A NIGHT I’m discovering that I use way too many commas.

The Kringle poll is still up if you want to weigh in – just scroll down to Monday.  So far, writing two new, longer books seems to be the most popular idea, LOL…we’ll see.  I might have a nervous breakdown right around Thanksgiving if I attempt that.  The pen is willing but the schedule is less than cooperative.  Let’s just say that I’m very tempted and might just have both of them semi-outlined and leave it at that.

On to the writing!  All these pretty new colors are inspiring me to get to it.  Have a lovely Wednesday, everyone!