Happy Friday!

The first 30K of MORE THAN A NIGHT are looking good!  The last 20K still need a little slashing with the red pen, but I’m pushing through a great pace!  Here’s a little excerpt to get your weekend started.

More Than A Night - SMALL



ERIN HAD BATTLED NERVES since the moment she woke up, wondering if this was a huge mistake after all, wondering if she’d feel the same punch of heat when Henry touched her again.  She almost called the whole thing off, but Renee had dragged her shopping the day before, loading her up with naughty little scraps of silk and lace despite her protests.  It seemed silly to dress for Henry – it wasn’t like she needed to seduce him.

“This month is all about fantasy, Erin,” said Renee, holding up a sheer black lace teddy with silver trim, “Tell me you’re not the tiniest bit interested in the look on Henry’s face when he sees you in this.”

And it was true.  It was completely irrational, but Erin wanted Henry to find her irresistible, to watch his eyes smolder when she sauntered toward him, to hear his growl of pleasure as he ripped the lace aside to find her breasts…

There would be no calling it off.

The flight to Burlington was short, and from there, it was just an hour’s drive out to Covington, a quaint little hideaway, and then Henry’s farm.  Erin hadn’t been sure what to expect, but the rolling green hills and the long barns next to a weathered farmhouse were a charming surprise.  She had no experience with cows, but even to Erin’s untrained eye, the modest herd munching in the pasture seemed content and well-cared for.  As she stepped out of the cab, Erin registered the details – patches on the roof, peeling paint, and a truck that seemed to be held together with safety pins and chewing gum.

None of it mattered, because Henry was striding toward her, as tall and drool-worthy as she remembered, a tentative smile on his face, banked heat in his eyes.  Erin felt a response flicker through her…until she noticed the woman on the porch and the boy peeking out around her skirts.

“I’m so sorry,” began Henry, and Erin frowned as reality crashed down.

“I thought you said they were leaving?”

“Yeah, well, try making a ten-year-old do something he doesn’t want to do.  And if Mike stays home…”

“Myra does, too.”

Their eyes met, and Erin couldn’t help feeling sympathetic, despite her selfish desire to have him all to herself.  Henry looked so flustered…anxious.

“If you want to call it off – ” he said and stopped, swallowing hard.

“No – ”

The word was out before Erin had a chance to think about it, a gut reaction, but –

“What did you tell them?”

Nerves fluttered through her.

“They pretty much assume you’re my girlfriend.”

Erin leaned against the car, assimilating, as the cabbie hefted her suitcase from the trunk.

“Okay,” she said.

“Yeah?” grinned Henry.

“Well, it’s better than sugar mama, right?” she joked, and winced internally as Henry frowned.

New rule, no talking about our “arrangement,” Erin advised herself.

Apparently, Henry didn’t want to dwell on the money any more than she did.  Erin busied herself tipping the cabbie, and then turned back to face him.

“So, in a normal situation, you would kiss your girlfriend hello, right?”

“That would be the polite thing to do,” he agreed.

Dust spluttered as the cab pulled away and Henry put his hands on her waist.  He tugged her forward until his body brushed hers, and Erin couldn’t help the tiny moan that escaped her throat at the feel of him, all hard muscle and strength.  Suddenly, she couldn’t believe she’d survived weeks without touching him.  She wanted to push him up against the nearest flat surface and ravish him from head to toe.  Henry heard the little sound and she felt his hard, hot body get even harder.  His mouth lowered to carefully press against hers.  To the observers, it would seem like a friendly, gentle salutation.  To Erin, it was an exercise in restraint – not to yank him closer, devour his mouth, and urge his hands all over her body.  He wasn’t as in control as he appeared, either.  Though his mouth was casual against hers, his fingers bit into her hips, and she caught the murmured, “Fuck,” as he tore his lips away.