I can’t wait!  Here’s a sneak peek of my Halloween collection, BEWITCH ME, which I am going to finish up this weekend for you.  PASSION & PUMPKINS and MY FAIR HEX are available as single titles, of course, but I have three NEW hot Halloween stories to curl up with.

Below, blurbs for ENSORCELLED, THAT MAGIC TOUCH, and BEWITCH ME, and a semi-spicy excerpt from ENSORCELLED to get you going. 🙂

For some reason, all of these stories are witchy – I suppose that’s where my brain goes.  I was a witch for Halloween probably 90% of my childhood.  Go figure.  Happy reading and check back Monday!

Bewitch Me - SMALL


Beautiful PR witch Felicia Dawes would do anything for her impulsive younger sister, but when Fae openly challenges Gavin Harcourt, the oh-so-sexy and powerful Head of the Council, even Felicia knows that she’s gone too far.  Desperate to save her little sister from banishment or worse, Felicia casts a love spell to stall the brooding warlock, but neither she nor Gavin are prepared for the consequences or the passion that flares between them.  When the magical dust settles, Felicia and Gavin are forced to face reality again, but will Fae’s transgression ruin their happily ever after?


Third grade teacher Cass Webster is having a hard enough time dealing with her newly awakened witchy powers, but how’s a witch supposed to keep a level head when one sexy smile from Tom Owens sends her senses and her magic into overdrive?  When her attempt to save his award-winning pumpkins from disaster results in sparks, seduction, and a little magic, it’s up to Cass to set things to rights and convince a freaked-out Tom that falling for a witch may be the best Halloween treat of all!


Nursing a bruised ego and a slightly dented heart after her no-good ex-fiance cheated on her, Jane Fairhaven isn’t in the mood for a party, and would rather be anywhere other than catering a lavish corporate Halloween party for the Proctor law firm.  It’s tough enough to accept the existence of monsters, witches, and magic, but even harder to accept that Wes Proctor, the hot lawyer she’s been crushing on, is actually a powerful warlock.  When the party turns into a magical orgy, Jane finds herself trapped in a storage room with the blue-eyed hottie, who can’t seem to take her predicament seriously.  Can Wes persuade Jane that all she needs is a little magic to spice up her life and let her see the future instead of dwelling on the past?


Half-pixie Lea Gillingham is totally ready to quit.  She loves her job as assistant to the powerful Kirk Rhodes, but she’d throw it all away for one night of passion with the gorgeous but arrogant warlock. Unfortunately, Kirk has never been a one-woman warlock, and in any case, is completely oblivious.  Determined to seduce her maddening boss at the Halloween Ball, Lea disguises herself as a succubus, sure that Kirk will never know the truth.  But when Lea’s spell goes awry, Kirk starts to see his sexy assistant in a new light, and sets out to show her that he can change his ways and become a one-pixie man, no magic required.


There goes the neighborhood.  Trent Langley is furious when his building goes magical, and the added chaos from warlocks, elves, and half-trolls taking up residence in his posh condo is enough to drive a man crazy.  If that weren’t enough, Trent is sure that the stunning witch across the hall has bewitched him – he can’t stop thinking about Isabella Fiero, though she denies any witchy meddling.  Isabella can’t help her attraction to her hot new neighbor, and though she hasn’t cast any spells, she can’t rule out the possibility that her magic may be luring him to her. When Trent demands answers, he and Isabella need to figure out if their white-hot chemistry is a magical glitch, or just natural attraction, impossible to deny.



The thought bounced around in Gavin’s head like a demented Jack-in-the-Box as he tried to process the idea.  She knew what she did to him.  She knew that she was his vulnerability, that given any weakness in his emotional armor, she could wriggle her way in and methodically destroy him from the inside out.  Because he couldn’t say no.  She was offering herself to him on a silver platter, and he couldn’t convince himself to turn her down.

Gavin steeled himself.

You can’t have her.  Scare her off before it’s too late.

She didn’t need his darkness, and if he had to banish Fae, she’d never speak to him again.  This situation had regret written all over it.

“Anything?” he asked, his voice harsh, and Felicia nodded, eyes wide.

Deliberately, Gavin let his eyes wander down her figure, lingering on the curves of her breasts, the womanly swell of her hips, and the juncture at the top of her thighs.  Felicia bit her lip but let him look, her fingers gripping the edges of his jacket.

Jeez, that dress is painted on.

“If I asked, would you strip for me?  Right here?” he growled.

A tiny inhalation, and then a nod.

Gavin’s cock jerked in his pants.

“Go to your knees and take my cock down your throat?”

“Yes,” breathed Felicia.

Gavin caught her involuntary swallow, as though she were picturing it, and nearly groaned aloud.

“So you’d fuck me on this rooftop to protect your sister?”

“Yes, I would.”

“What if I called my bodyguards up here and said I wanted you to spread your thighs so I could watch them fuck you?”

“You don’t share,” she gasped, but there was a trace of uncertainty, of fear in her voice, and Gavin couldn’t go on.

He could humiliate her, insult her, destroy her interest in him, but it might kill him in the process.

Eyes burning into hers, Gavin took her hand and pressed a kiss into the palm, savoring her shiver and the sweetness of her skin.

“Go home, Felicia,” he murmured, feeling lower than low as tears gathered in her green eyes.

Gavin couldn’t take it.  Turning, he reached for the door handle.

“Wait!  Gavin, stop!”

Gavin ignored Felicia’s desperate command.  He needed to get away from her before he did something monumentally stupid.  His body was tight with arousal, and the hunger he saw in her eyes only twisted the knife deeper – if he hadn’t been such a chicken shit and actually approached her the way he’d wanted to, they might have had something.  And now it was too late.

The rush of warm magic was a complete surprise, and Gavin barely had time to turn around before he felt it spread…heat and power, surging through his body in warm, seductive pulses.

“What did you do?!?” he gasped, his head falling back.

It felt like warm fingers were stroking every inch of his body.

Felicia stepped forward, her eyes worried.

“It’s just a little smitten spell.  I’m so sorry, Gavin.  But if you won’t let Fae go, I need some time to figure something out.  It’ll just make you starry-eyed for a little while, but the effects will wear off in time.”

Gavin groaned.  The warm fingers had morphed into searing hunger, and the only thing that mattered was getting as close to Felicia Dawes as possible.

Must touch.

She squeaked in surprise as he grabbed her and pressed her back against the wall, the feel of her body soothing and inflaming at the same time.

Much better, he thought.