So, last night I was doing my part to keep the Halloween candy count under control and daydreaming over a rather luscious piece of nougat when an idea drifted into my mind for a short story or possibly a novella.

If you’re a regular reader here, you know that I like things steamy and am not usually burdened by concerns of going too far – I think all of my work has a bit of romance in it somewhere, but sweet and hot go hand in hand.  However, this new idea takes place in an edgy strip club/sex club, and as I was playing around with various scenarios, it started to feel a little sordid – after all, at the end of the day, the goal is to tell a good story, not just get my readers all hot and bothered.

I let it go and went to bed, but this morning, it’s still nudging me, so I think I’ll keep developing it until it fulfills all of my story criteria – hot as hell, but sweet as pie, too.  I haven’t worked out all the kinks (LOL), but it’s sort of a reverse Cinderella about a guy who works in this club after hours to make some extra cash and indulge his exhibitionist tendencies, who falls for a woman that he thinks is way out of his league.  It’s a relatively familiar setup, but I think I can play with it and take it in some interesting directions – and for all of the kinky sex club fun, there should be a core story about two people coming together.

Anyway, off to work on edits – at this rate, MORE THAN A NIGHT and SAFE FROM THE STORM are going to come out at the same time.  And I need to hustle, as I have a Kringle guy to write this month, too!

Hurray for November. 🙂