MORE THAN A NIGHT is up and I’m so excited!  It was such fun to write, though it took me much longer than I thought it would.  Hmmm…what to say about this book?  It’s probably the last standard contemporary romance I’m going to write for awhile – the Coming Soon list is all paranormal and suspense – but I must admit that I have a huge crush on my hero Henry, which is probably why there’s so much hot sex in this book…if you like that sort of thing…LOL…:)

Pick up a copy to keep yourself company in between basting the turkey and arguing with the relatives!  And if you have time, reviews on Amazon are much appreciated.  Meanwhile, I’ll be typing my little fingers off to get the first KRINGLE BOYS book on the shelf, and my holiday freebie will be up at midnight!  Happy Reading!

More Than A Night - SMALL

After a lifetime of isolation caring for her eccentric, chronically ill father in the middle of nowhere, Erin James suddenly finds herself extremely wealthy, but utterly alone. Her attempts to date are disastrous as she realizes that not only does she have no idea how to talk to men, but most of them only want her for her money. Determined to give herself the physical experiences she’s missed out on, she decides to use her new wealth to hire an escort – no messy emotional entanglements, no embarrassment over her lack of experience. Unsure where to find such a person, she turns to her sympathetic lawyer for advice. Luckily, she seems to know just the right man…

Henry Warren would do anything to keep his farm afloat, but he’s out of credit and he’s running out of time, with people depending on him. When his lawyer offers an outrageous suggestion – one night with a reclusive client of hers, he’s just desperate enough to agree. He doesn’t expect to find a sweet, funny young woman hot enough to drop him to his knees.

When one night isn’t enough for either of them, Erin proposes a deal that could save Henry’s farm forever, but will the money that brought them together wind up tearing them apart?