Happy New Year!!!

Hope your holidays were joyous and peaceful, and that you rang in the New Year with plenty of kisses and bubbly.

Well, my 2013 goal of 500K took me up to the mid-300s with all of the WIPs, and I’m very proud of myself for getting that far, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not ready to start from scratch and see if I can hit that magic number this year!

Here’s the plan – we’ll see how far I get before it starts to collapse in on itself…LOL…There’s actually 740K on this list, and there’s NO WAY I could write all of that from start to finish, but keep in mind most of these are somewhat far along, so I’ll only count the word count for the new material that I didn’t include last year.

All dates are approximate, naturally, and the COMING SOON page will be updated with more details in a few days.  Any title you’re really looking forward to?

Hopefully they’ll all be fun, outrageous, and deliciously HOT.

Nick (The Kringle Boys #1) – 30K – JAN

Safe From the Storm (Bright’s Ferry #3) – 60K – JAN

Bright’s Ferry Box Set – 1-3 – JAN (no word count added)

Shadow of the Raven (Hearts of Stone – Prequel) – 30K – FEB

Ensnared (Hearts of Stone – Prequel) – 30K – MAR

Safe From the Wild (Bright’s Ferry #4) – 60K – APR

Kiss of the Wild Wolf (Wild Wolves #1) – 60K – APR

Shiny Things – 60K – MAY

Teach Me Tonight – Anthology (Two new stories – Show & Tell and With Flying Colors with Jane Gaudet) – 20K (new material only) – MAY

The Shattered Balance (Hearts of Stone #1) – 90K – JUNE

Safe From the Cold (Bright’s Ferry #5) – 60K – JUL

A Wave in the Heart (Untamed Elements #1) – 60K – SEPT

Touch of the Wild Wolf (Wild Wolves #2) – 60K – OCT

His to Pleasure – Historical!!! – 90K – NOV

Kringle Boys #2 – 30K – DEC