I finally managed to kick off the post-holiday blahs to get some serious pages done early this week.  Yay!

And then Tuesday came along and WHOOSH.  Work dump.  I don’t work from an office, so my paycheck work is all freelance, which basically means feast or famine.  So frustrating to not be able to drop everything and just work on Bright’s Ferry – I am trying very hard to hit my monthly deadlines this year, and have both NICK (THE KRINGLE BOYS #1) and SAFE FROM THE STORM out by the end of January.  Annoyingly, life is intruding in a tedious, irritating sort of way.

No excerpt today, but hopefully for Monday.  I’ve also got a few new covers in the works for some upcoming projects – more on those later!  Meanwhile, go check out MORE THAN A NIGHT if you haven’t read it – Henry and Erin are pretty steamy. 🙂