Happy New Year!!!

2014 was a challenge, but everything is new again and I’m looking forward to bringing you pages and pages of scorching hot, funny, and heartwarming reads to keep you company through the long winter ahead!

Hope you all enjoyed NICK (THE KRINGLE BOYS #1) – look for ETHAN’s story as the holidays roll around again.

Look for two new Bright’s Ferry titles – SAFE FROM THE STORM will be out in January, and I’m aiming to have SAFE FROM THE WILD out in late spring.

New genres coming your way, too!  Paranormal hotness in my HEARTS OF STONE series – I’m planning to release the two prequels along with Book #1 to give you plenty to dive into, and some seriously sexy historical action with HIS TO PLEASURE.

You can see my 2015 dream list under the 500,000 word tab above, and though I’m pretty sure I won’t get through all of it, it’s good to dream big.

Have a wonderful, happy start to 2015 – the world is full of possibilities today!

Happy reading and stay tuned for updates and excerpts starting next week!