When life intrudes, it intrudes with a vengeance and a sledgehammer and takes up months of your time and all of your energy and leaves you a worried, stressed-out, shell of a human.

But enough of that.  I’m finally writing again and it’s AWESOME.  It’s just me and a vat of sweet, icy coffee in an air-conditioned corner of my favorite coffee shop, spending time in the chaotic, demanding world of my writing brain.  Ah, bliss.

Now that the world seems to have settled a bit, I thought I’d outline a book release plan to share – one I can hopefully stick with!  SAFE FROM THE STORM (Bright’s Ferry #3) is nearly done – I had to do a ton of rearranging to get it to work, and I had to dive into SAFE FROM THE WILD (Bright’s Ferry #4) to make sure the arcs tracked across from one book to the next.  You’ll see.  Rafe and Eden in #4 are two of my absolute favorites.  The writing is still a little schlocky, but excerpts from that next month.  SFS will (fingers crossed) be ready to download the last week in June, and I’ll set SFW up for pre-order as soon as possible.

BEWITCH ME #2 will be available October 1st – not sure if it will be up for pre-order this summer, but I’ll keep you posted.  I honestly didn’t think I had enough material for a second Halloween collection, but apparently magic, pumpkins, and hot, conveniently shirtless hunks go hand in hand.

I’m a little torn between RIFT GUARDIANS #1 and HIS TO PLEASURE, which is Regency, for the later part of the summer.  They’re both coming along nicely, but they both require a load of research that takes time, so I have to choose.  Dilemma, dilemma.

Excerpt of something or other next week – there are a ton of SFS excerpts up already, so I’ll probably only share one more the week of the release.

Hope you’re having a lovely transition to summer (or winter if you’re in that part of the world!) and that your book list is gloriously endless.