There’s still leftover turkey in the fridge, but suddenly Christmas is right around the corner, and then a brand new year of writing.  I’ve got a lot of plans for next year’s titles, and most of them include monsters, magic, arsonists and serial killers, mad scientist experiments gone wrong, and ancient curses.  It’s heavy stuff!

Before I get lost in all of that, I wanted to write a few short and magical little Christmas stories to make your nights a little merrier and a little brighter.  Of course, they’re still full of drool-worthy heroes, strong-willed heroines, and plenty of shiverlicious hot sex…so curl up with some hot chocolate, light a fire in the fireplace, put on some holiday tunes, and enjoy!

THE KRINGLE GIRLS aren’t naughty, but the night is young! Santa’s four daughters are all single this Christmas Eve, but holiday romance is about to catch up with them.  Follow Holly, Ivy, Noelle, and Merry on the family’s most important night of the year, and see what happens when they each get tripped up by a little magical matchmaking.  Sweet and sexy, it’s a night not to be missed!


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