The Monday after a holiday should be a day of recovery, a time to adjust your brain to get ready for the run-up to the NEXT holiday. If you’re a busy human (like most of us tend to be), it’s vital to reset the stress clock.  If you’re a writer, you tend to think in terms of deadlines, self-imposed or otherwise – is the project going to get done in time?  Do I have time for one more round of edits?  Can’t I just stop and do something normal for a living, please?  The answer to that last one is always NO…:) 

So here’s to the start of the Yule season, whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, or any of the other wonderful traditions that call for bright lights at the beginning of a cold winter.  And if you are a writer, or do anything else that tends to gobble up your time and send you careening through the world in your head for hours upon end, here’s to deliberately taking a day or two sometime this season to shut off the computer, put down the pen, and simply enjoy.