Merry Christmas, dear friends, if you celebrate it!!!

I come from a family full of fun, multi-cultural traditions, so we tend to embrace a lot of holidays, but Christmas is still the big one.  At this point, the house is overflowing with cookies, cards, bits of tinsel (and the inevitable cat vomit that follows), piles of presents, and ribbons everywhere.  Each year, I figure it would take a miracle to get everything done in time, and each year, somehow it manages to happen exactly the way it should.

It’s Christmas Eve, and though my large extended family has gotten older and more squabbly, we will still enjoy the holiday together, and I will try to clear my mind of work, writing, and family drama to focus on all the things that really matter.

May your holiday be peaceful, merry, and full of the best the year has to offer.  If you’re not a Christmas person, may you enjoy an extra day off work anyway. 🙂

Tidings of comfort and joy, my friends!