Safe From the Dark 3 - MED

Happy Couple of Days After Christmas! Had your fill of relatives, pie, and presents yet? Or are you just warming up for New Year’s?

Today I’m on the fabulous Delilah Devlin’s blog talking about the madness that is writing romantic suspense and SAFE FROM THE DARK, with a fun little excerpt.

While it’s still 2012 and I’m technically still “on vacation,” I’m antsy to get back to all my swirling little projects! Bright’s Ferry is teeming with all sorts of unsavory types, including an arsonist on the loose…SAFE FROM THE FIRE is just moving past the outline stage, and I can’t wait to start sharing excerpts with you. Matt and Grace’s story is so hot, I just can’t stand it…LOL…

Look for a cover reveal in a couple of weeks, and the finished book by mid-February.

Until then, enjoy SAFE FROM THE DARK and have a wonderful and joyous New Year! Happy 2013!!!