Traditionally, I spend Valentine’s Day in a blissed-out haze of chocolate and well-wishes – because I’m less about the holiday and more about the fact that Valentine’s Day is also my birthday!  As a kid, it was kind of annoying.  As an adult and a romance writer, I look at it as meant to be.

This year, however, I am SO FURIOUS.  Why?  Because I woke up this morning, booted up my laptop, and was abruptly greeted by the blue screen of death.  ARGH!!!!  Doesn’t the universe know I have a book to release this weekend?  Yes, I backed everything up, but since I’ve been editing SAFE FROM THE FIRE all week, the most current version is IN THE INNARDS of that infernal machine.  So, I dropped the laptop off with the computer whisperers this morning in hopes they can get it working again, and I’m typing from my wee little netbook today.

I did lose my latest chapter of SHINY THINGS, so I’m going to spend the day recreating that for my beloved readers.  As for Matt & Grace, to be safe I’m going to push the release a few days – grrrrr….

SAFE FROM THE FIRE – 2/22…grumble grumble

I think I definitely deserve every crumb of birthday cake and that pomegranate martini tonight.

May your Valentine’s Day be sweet and free from technological aggravation.

xoxo. 🙂