I have nasty words for the universe today, but I mostly spewed them when I laid down a credit card for a new laptop, as my beloved former laptop bit the dust.  I believe that’s the technical term.

Luckily, the computer hospital was able to salvage the innards, so I’m going to choose to see the silver lining – shiny new laptop, and work saved.  It’s going to take me a little while to get everything back up and running, but two things I can assure you:

a) There will be a NEW chapter of SHINY THINGS on Friday.

b) Both SAFE FROM THE FIRE and SHADOW OF THE RAVEN will come out over the next couple of weeks – TBD depending on what the innards look like when I can actually get into the files tomorrow.

No sense in fretting about it – and now I’m going to get back to being excited about more BRIGHT’S FERRY and my lovely HEARTS OF STONE prequel, which is shaping up to be magical and intricate and yes, deliciously hot.

Stay tuned!