One might think that I’m terrible with time management…one might not be totally off the mark there!  However, like most people, I think I just have too many spinning plates in the air.  Take your eyes off one of them…


What do you do?  Go find more plates and get back to spinning.  I’ve got some SHINY THINGS coming up for you early this week, and an excerpt or two of SHADOW OF THE RAVEN, which is looking good for Friday (please, please, please).

Shadow of the Raven - SMALL

During my writing warm-up today, I wrote a few scenes of my new erotic Regency book that are just hot.  There’s something about a man slowly unhooking a corset…LOL…you’ll have to wait a bit for that one, since I’ve barely started the research and I have a few things in line ahead of it.

Still.  Hot.  Maybe I’ll share some unedited excerpts as I go along.

Anyway, have a great Monday, and I’ll spread the word when I’ve got new SHINY THINGS up for you!