I’ve been really quiet this week, right?  No excuses, just trying to get it all done.  To keep you all caught up, here’s what’s cooking this week:

– Reworked the outline for Shiny Things because the last part of the story wasn’t working for me.

– Ripped out the middle part of SHADOW OF THE RAVEN and now I have to fill in the gaps.  Pesky Muses.

– Had a middle of the night fit of inspiration and cranked out a few thousand words of Tony and Nora’s SAFE FROM THE STORM.  It’s a dark one, kids, and apparently I have an exhibitionist streak I’ve never explored…LOL…

– Realized I have to basically restart A SHATTERED BALANCE based on ripping out parts of the Muses intro…see above…good grief…

So things are a little busy. 🙂

Hope you’re enjoying SAFE FROM THE FIRE, and check in late Friday for SHINY THINGS, and then the muse prequel next week!