Just a little excerpt to start the weekend – this is shaping up nicely!  I’ll post a spicy excerpt Sunday/Monday, and hopefully get to post some SHINY THINGS this weekend, too – have to get Ali & Leo back on track!

More Than A Night - SMALL

ERIN HAD SWITCHED TO lemonade even though the thought of a couple of shots of tequila appealed after she got back to her condo later that night.  She’d turned down Darren’s request despite his coaxing and promise to look over her portfolio if she played her cards right.  Then he’d pressed a kiss on her with too much slobber and not enough skill, and all thoughts of considering Darren as the first of her meaningless one-night stands flew out the window.

Not meaningless, she thought, Purposeful.

She sipped her lemonade and sank down into the bubbles in the tub.  This was her favorite spot in the whole apartment, with a window that offered up a view of the skyline and a giant Jacuzzi tub where a girl could soak away her troubles.

Though she had nothing to compare it to, Erin’s brain was stuck on the idea of casual sex – a night or two of mutual pleasure that would leave her days open and her life unencumbered by men who saw her as a good candidate for a sugar mama.  Someone who had his own life and didn’t plan to mess up hers.

Someone strong and big and hot, who knew just how to make her toes curl.

This delicious thought was interrupted by bells.  Erin reached out a soapy hand and fumbled for the phone.

“Hi Renee!”

She winced at the excitement in her voice.  Her father’s lawyer, Renee Matlin, was just a few years older than she was, and they’d hit it off immediately.  She’d been invaluable when it came to advice about finding a financial manager to deal with her new wealth and figuring out the next steps of her life.

“You sound echo-y.”

“I’m in the tub.”

“Kinky,” chuckled Renee, “Seriously, this is how several popular adult films start.”

“Oh, hush.”

Erin gathered more bubbles with her free hand, grinning.

“How was Darren?”

“I think he was trying to acquire me into his portfolio,” sighed Erin and Renee laughed.

“That bad?”

“I’m becoming a cliché.  In all my wildest dreams I never thought I’d be a poor little rich girl.”

“I’m so sorry, sweetie.  Maybe the next one will be better.”

Erin settled back into the bubbles, getting comfortable.

“I don’t think there’s going to be a next one for a while.  Dating isn’t really for me, anyway.  I don’t know what I’m doing.  I never meet anyone I want to spend the night with.”

“That takes time,” said Renee, and Erin could just see the pretty redhead pushing her glasses up her nose, as she often did when choosing her words carefully.

Erin knew she was right, but…

“I want sex.”

“What?”  Renee sounded a little shocked.

Oh well.  Erin plowed on.

“You heard me.  Sex.  With a man.  It’s insane.  Forget a real relationship.  All this money and stuff and I can’t find some nice guy to rock my world for a night and then go away without trying to sell me on his latest investment or get me to pay off his student loans for him.”

She faltered a little.

“I spent all those years taking care of Dad, and I never really got a chance…there wasn’t really much opportunity to…do you know what I’m trying to say?”

She braced herself for laughter and derision on the other end of the line, but Renee only said, “Hmmm…” and then was silent for a long moment.

Erin was kicking herself – a smart, worldly woman like Renee would never have this problem – she probably had men lining up to worship at her pretty stiletto-clad feet.  Despite her money and new digs, Erin still felt like the shy girl from the mountains who got nervous whenever a cute boy looked at her twice.

“What if he were only interested in your money for a short period of time?”

“I don’t understand.”  Erin frowned, sitting up a little straighter.

“I mean, if you’re not interested in a relationship, and you want all the cards on the table with a guarantee of pleasure, no strings attached…”

“That’s exactly what I want!” breathed Erin, excited, “At least for now.”

“You know the old saying, anything’s possible if you just throw money at it?”

“Sure, but what – ”

“So, I’m saying that, well, there are services that can be obtained.  Or so I’ve heard.  But as an officer of the law I’d never advise you to pay for sex.  Because that would be wrong.  Legally, that is.  Then again, you’re my client so all of this is confidential.”

“You think I should hire a gigolo?”  Erin burst out laughing.

“I think you should give yourself whatever you need to be happy.  You deserve it.”

You are not hiring a gigolo, Erin Rosalie James.  You can’t just order up a hot guy like he’s takeout, ravish him until dawn, and then send him on his merry way with a pocketful of cash.  Hmmm….tempting…