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And because I heart my readers and know you’re all patiently waiting for me to get my patootie in gear and finish a few things, here’s a hot little excerpt from MORE THAN A NIGHT to atone….

More Than A Night - SMALL

I CAN’T BELIEVE I just said that.

The man was offering to give her a night of romance, to wine and dine her, but all Erin could think was, That’s three more hours before I get to feel his body against mine.

From the moment she’d opened the door, she’d known Renee was right.  Everything about Henry Warren radiated solid, honest, and hard-working.  And oh my God, he was hot.  Tall and strong and mouthwatering in clean jeans and a simple button-down shirt.  It might make her a total slut, but she simply couldn’t wait any longer.  Erin had given herself Henry Warren as the ultimate present, and she didn’t want to waste a minute.

He was a little shocked, she could tell, and she kicked herself for rushing it, but then he smiled, and her mouth went dry as that hand that had been driving her crazy with tiny little rubs into her palm now slid up her arm to cup her face.

“Then, Miss James, I’d say we start right here.”

Giving her plenty of time to back away, Henry lowered his mouth to hers, and there wasn’t anything awkward or slobbery about it.  His lips were warm and firm against hers, and she gasped as she felt his tongue stroke her lower lip.  She felt like she was drowning as he coaxed her tongue out to play with his, patiently, gently, building heat by degrees.

It wasn’t enough.

Barely aware of what she was doing, Erin sank her teeth into his lower lip, relishing his groan as he froze.  Then, suddenly, nothing was gentle anymore.  Henry hauled her up against him and the crush of his chest against her breasts had her pussy throbbing for more while he ravaged her mouth.  Her arms were around his neck, the softness of his hair under her fingers a visceral delight.

This was more than a kiss.  This was epic.

Henry pulled away, panting.

“Fuck,” he murmured, “We need to slow down.”

“But – ”

“Trust me,” he said, kissing the tip of her nose, and she melted as he moved to explore her jaw and the sensitive skin of her throat, “Tell me what you like.”

Erin put a little space between them, though she didn’t let go.

“I don’t know what I like,” she confessed, unsure.

“You must have fantasies.  Tell me one.”

Every muscle in Erin’s body clenched at the thought of sharing something so intimate with a virtual stranger, and then flooded with heat at the thought that he would make it a reality.

“Nothing leaves this room, right?” he reminded her, and she nodded.

His hands were petting her now, down her back to her hips and back up to brush the sides of her breasts.  It was distracting and delicious, and Erin mustered her courage.

“Can I undress you?” she asked.