OMG, the pages.  The PAGES.

The pages are getting away from me. 🙂

It’s been insane around here, but I’m getting through it – muses and monsters and paid escorts and more trouble in Bright’s Ferry.

I just finished the outline for SAFE FROM THE STORM, in which Sheriff Tony discovers that his missing wife Nora is very much not dead – just in serious trouble.  She comes back to Bright’s Ferry for his help, but hurt and angry, he turns her down…which turns out to be a huge mistake, because Nora’s past is catching up to her, and a truly scary sort of ex, sort of present (it’s complicated) husband is all about making her his trophy, taking back her fortune, and getting a little payback from our stalwart Sheriff.  If Tony were smart, he’d wash his hands of the whole situation, but it’s kind of hard when the hot redhead he’s still in love with is putting herself in harm’s way to keep him safe from a madman.  That and they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other, even though a hurricane is on its way…

Good stuff – hot and messy and fun!  As soon as I get MORE THAN A NIGHT and SHADOW OF THE RAVEN out (in the next couple of weeks, writing gods willing), I will dive in, have Tony and Nora for you end of June.  Cover is ALMOST done.

And no, I haven’t forgotten SHINY THINGS.  I’m just running on coffee fumes this month…but it’s coming!  Six more chapters to get Leo and Ali out of trouble…stay tuned.