I started 2013 with the idea that I wasn’t going to write any shorts this year, because they kind of got away from me last year, and all my muses and monsters need serious attention, and Bright’s Ferry keeps getting hit with one unnatural disaster after another.  So no shorts.  None.

Then my lovely friend Jane Gaudet came to me early this week and said, “How about a collection of short stories about teachers on their summer vacations?”

To which I said, “Only if I can tangle them up with some really hot guys and get into all sorts of naughty, shudderlicious fun.”

And Jane replied, “Well, duh…”

So this:

Playing Hooky - SMALL

MORE THAN A NIGHT is the priority, so that will be up first.  But we have five short, hot little TEACH ME TONIGHT stories – three of them will be singles, and the last two probably in the collection.  But the plan is to put these out every couple of weeks, to help spice up your summer while you’re lying by the pool…or wishing you were lying by the pool…LOL…

And now coffee and back to Henry and Erin, who are currently having trouble keeping up the pretense that this whole “relationship” thing is just an act.  So close!!!