Happy Monday, my dear readers!  I spent the weekend up to my ears in paperwork and organizational nonsense so that I could clear out the week to finish up MORE THAN A NIGHT.  The edits are going well – I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do!  The first of my TEACH ME TONIGHT shorts with Jane Gaudet is outlined and ready to go, so hopefully next week.

Meanwhile, here’s a little excerpt to drink in with your morning coffee.

More Than A Night - SMALL



It was insane.  He knew almost nothing about Erin James, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her.  And it wasn’t just the amazing sex.  Her sweet smile and the light of curiosity in her eyes swamped him at the most inappropriate times, and Henry found himself staring into space for long moments.  Myra had actually asked him if he’d hit his head on something last night when he blanked out during dinner.  But he couldn’t help himself – he wanted to know more about her.  Her favorite color, her favorite book, if she liked anchovies on her pizza, what she thought about politics and the weather and life.  It was inappropriate.  It was pointless.  It was scary.

Snap out of it, he ordered his brain sternly, reminding himself that paying for sex was not a good start to any kind of deeper relationship.  She’s probably found someone else anyway.

Henry frowned, thinking about that.  Now that Erin had experimented and found that she was good at sex – a fucking prodigy – she wasn’t going to settle for never doing it again.  What woman would?  He didn’t like how the thought of her with someone else made his skin crawl.  Would she tell the jerkoff that she liked a little graphic encouragement?  Would she run those soft, eager hands over his body with the same greedy wonder?  Would she lie back, sultry and hot, nipples swollen and begging to be sucked, and invite him to taste her as she spread her luscious thighs?  Would she respond as she had with Henry, coming for him again and again?

Lust, anger, and resentment pooled in Henry’s gut, and he cursed his suddenly hard cock and his own stupidity in mooning over a woman he’d had a single night with.  That she paid for.

I have more important things to worry about.  Like everything.

A soft knock on the door had Henry looking up, and he scooted forward to the desk to hide his erection as Myra came in, holding his phone.

“Sorry, I thought it was mine and picked it up by mistake.  It’s Erin for you?”

Myra’s voice held more than just a question, but Henry was frozen, his mind utterly blank.

“She sounds like a nice girl,” continued Myra, handing over the phone with an approving smile and a glint in her eye that promised a thorough interrogation later.

A nice girl I fucked six ways to Sunday.

Henry lifted the phone to his ear as Myra stepped out, shutting the door behind her.

“Hello?” He winced at the gruff sound of his voice, but it was the best he could do.

“Hi.”  Her voice was breathy and very, very nervous.

Henry wanted to tell her this was a bad idea.  She shouldn’t have called.  He shouldn’t have taken the phone.  They shouldn’t have gotten together in the first place.

Instead, what came out was, “I woke up and you were gone.”

Nice going, Warren.