Happy December!

I can’t believe how fast this year has flown.  I can’t believe how many WIPs I have to finish!  LOL…looking at my 500,000 word goal, the odds aren’t great, but since I never add to the tally until the WIP is done, I’m actually much closer than it looks – at the end of the month I’ll add in all of those unfinished epics I’ve been working on just for fun.

SO, I owe you a Kringle Boy!  Thanksgiving was lovely.  The mediocre sushi I ate Friday night was not, and as a result, spent the rest of the weekend worshipping the porcelain god and wishing I had a hot Kringle man of my own handy to hold my hair back and soothe my food-poisoned brow.  Sigh.  I am feeling much better today, so I’ll dive back in.

Holly is still free today, so don’t forget to grab your copy!  Also, my big push for the month is getting SAFE FROM THE STORM out, so look for updates and excerpts on that for the next few weeks.

Now, off to face Monday!