So, you know how it was JUST December 1st and now all of a sudden it’s the 18th???  I believe I stepped through some cosmic holiday wormhole and just skipped over the last two weeks.

What have I been up to?  Writing and editing and family and trees and presents and long lines at the mall and the post office.  The usual.

THE KRINGLE BOYS – NICK is looking great, so hopefully end of the weekend on that.  SAFE FROM THE STORM is getting there – hopefully for New Year’s, and then the fun of the 2014 writing schedule will begin!

But yes, it’s been nuts – non-writers never understand that long hours staring at the screen is actually still writing, LOL…so my family has this tendency to assume I’m not busy.  Joy! 🙂

And joy and peace to you all this holiday season.  Fun and naughtiness to come!  Stay tuned.  xoxo.