My covers are starting to test my limited graphics skills…LOL…but this one was a lot of fun!

Here’s my brand new cover and blurb for the first HEARTS OF STONE book, targeted for late spring, early summer.  I’ll start rolling out the two prequels next month – SHADOW OF THE RAVEN and ENSNARED.

The Shattered Balance


In a ruthless power grab gone wrong, Erebus, the minor god of darkness, decimates the magical world and traps his enemies in stone, only to be sucked into his own eternal prison by a cunning witch.  For thousands of years, the vast statuary remains silent and hidden, until timid grad student Mira Evans stumbles upon the doorway, and with the brush of her fingers, awakes the dark deity along with a dormant Muse – passionate, angry, and surprisingly, very male…

Cal, the Muse of epic song and poetry – a virile demigod with an unflinching sense of justice but no interest in lowly humans – awakens from his stone prison with rage in his heart, his inherent need to restore order and balance overpowered by his desire for a vengeance that could destroy them all.  The lovely grad student who freed him is a distraction, albeit a sexy, smart, and maddening distraction.  Cal has no time for the seduction of a shy mortal, no matter how lickable she might be.

Too bad Mira simply won’t leave him to his plans!  She sees the man behind the rage as the magical world rises again, and as they race to stop Erebus from enslaving humanity, Mira will have to find her courage, risking everything to keep Cal’s past from consuming him and show him that the sparks that fire between them can blaze a path to a bright future together.