I don’t think I’ve ever been this busy over the winter!  But I’ve been scribbling in my spare time, and things are finally coming together!  The rest of the year is going to be non-stop releases and naughty fun – I’m hoping to keep you and your e-readers hot and bothered for months. 🙂

I think I can FINALLY safely give you some dates.

SAFE FROM THE STORM (BRIGHT’S FERRY #3) – March 21st.  I’ll also bundle 1-3 together into the first Bright’s Ferry box set.

Safe From the Storm

SHADOW OF THE RAVEN/ENSNARED (HEARTS OF STONE – PREQUEL) – March 31st.  I haven’t decided yet, but I may release these as a box set.

Shadow of the Raven - SMALL

Ensnared - SMALL








NICK (THE KRINGLE BOYS #1) is the wildcard – I’m aiming for sometime in the next couple of weeks, but it will all depend on when I stop tinkering with it.

Nick - SMALL

Also in March, hoping to get you at least one freebie and a couple of chapters of SHINY THINGS.

Very excited.  And now I have pages to edit.  🙂