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Coming Soon!

I’m hoping to have this up over the weekend, but here’s some cover art and an excerpt to get your Hump Day going.

The Good Stuff


THE GREEN-EYED WITCH was staring at him again, this time in the elevator.  Finn had a hard time ignoring it, because he really wanted to stare back and get a better look at those hypnotic eyes, the curve of her lips.

He wanted to count her freckles with his tongue.

She was wearing another simple gray suit, cut conservatively.  It only hinted at the lush curves Finn was convinced were hidden under that boxy jacket.

The doors opened on the fifty-second floor and the other passengers filed out, leaving them alone for the climb to eighty-seven.

“Do you have any plans for Halloween, Mr. Parker?”

It took Finn a moment to realize that the pretty witch was actually talking to him, and God help him, the husky sound of her voice had his cock taking serious notice.

“No.  Just work.  My building doesn’t get a lot of trick-or-treaters.”

He smiled apologetically.

“I’m so sorry, but I don’t know your name, Ms….”

“Gail Martingale.”  Her voice was crisp, the hint of disappointment obvious.


They rose a few more awkwardly silent floors and Finn mentally punched himself in the balls.

“I’m sure you have much more interesting plans than I do, Ms. Martingale.  From what I understand, the magical community goes all out.”

“They do.  But I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet.  Staying home and watching horror movies in my PJs sounds a little more appealing than the party scene this year.”

She gave him a look he couldn’t decipher, but he was distracted, the thought of her wrapped in soft garments that had been washed a million times taking over his brain and raising his temperature.  They would hug every curve – a worn tank top, perhaps, and a skimpy pair of boyshorts that had a tendency to ride up her hips.

Finn took a sharp breath, swallowing as his mouth went dry, grateful that his folded overcoat hid his burgeoning erection.  At this rate, he was going to have to jerk off in his private washroom if he had any hope of getting things done today.

“That sounds…like fun,” he managed.

Gail smiled.

Suddenly, the elevator lurched, pushing her into his arms as it ground to a halt.  Adrenaline surging, Finn dropped his coat and briefcase, catching her instinctively, hearing her little gasp as her body crushed against his.  The lights flickered, an alarm going off.  Finn took a deep breath, his racing heart calming as rational thought kicked back in – the building was new, state of the art.  They were perfectly safe.

“Are you – ”

The words got caught in his throat as he registered the curve of her waist under his hands, the toned thighs that pressed against his as their legs tangled, and the soft fullness of her breasts against his chest.  His cock was an iron brand pressing into the softness of her stomach, and her eyes widened as she registered the contact, then dark lashes swept down, pink tinging her cheeks.

“I’m sure we’ll be moving again in a minute,” she murmured breathlessly, her green eyes half-lidded.

Was it his imagination or did she press a little closer?

She smelled incredible, like crisp apples and something slightly spicy.

Her hand was gripping his bicep, but instead of letting go, she slid it down his forearm to where he held her by the waist, her hand touching his, the skin-to-skin contact wiping every rational though from his brain.  She rubbed the sensitive spot between his thumb and forefinger for a brain melting second before pulling back.  His body protested the sudden loss of her soft warmth.

Then the lights flickered back to full power, and the elevator jerked once, and then started its smooth upward climb again.  The whole incident had only lasted a couple of minutes, but Finn’s mind was reeling, his body tight and aching from the shocking intimacy of an accidental moment in a dark elevator.  Before he could get his vocal cords to emit something other than a lustful growl, the scent of apples and spice in his lungs, the elevator was coming to a halt, and Gail Martingale slipped out as though she couldn’t wait to get away from him.  Finn gathered his fallen coat and briefcase and followed more sedately, absently rubbing the spot where she’d touched him, watching her scurry off, straightening her jacket and probably completely unaware that she’d turned him inside out.