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It’s 2016!  Thank goodness.  Looking back over my pages, 2015 was not my best effort.  No excuses, just bad scheduling!  But it’s a new year – I have a fair amount of reorganizing to do on this blog, but more importantly, this is the year to finish the unfinished goodies that have been driving me batty for weeks if not months. Take a look:

Fun, right?  All of these are in some state of “somewhat done” to “nearly done” to “polish, polish, polish.” And they don’t include the Regency series I started last year as well!  So, my New Year’s resolutions are as follows:

  1. Update the site!
  2. An excerpt for you all every single week.
  3. Publish, publish, publish!

Hope your year is productive and full of sexy, wonderful reads you just can’t put down! I’m going to stock up on energy bars and coffee and get to it.  Stop by tomorrow for an excerpt!